Open Letter to the UN Special Representative Matthew Nimetz, Prof. Dr. Igor Janev


Dear Matthew Nimetz ,

I wonder, in regards to the so-called “Name issue” of the Republic of Macedonia, how would USA behave if the United Nations tried to impose a UN membership designation “Former British colony…”, replacing the official name, the USA. Since, as you know, the reference for the Republic of Macedonia in the UN is “the Former Yugoslav republic…”!

I guess, your answer would be that the USA will never become a member of any international organization if it had to accept “Former British colony…” as  provisional reference. Macedonian diplomats have always presented the fact that the name “Macedonia” is legally different from the “Republic of Macedonia”, so there are no grounds to complain from the Greek State, nor is there any real dispute. The Greek allegation that the name of the state implies “territorial claims” has no legal significance or grounds.

The name of a state is a subject of that state’s domestic jurisdiction, since every state naturally has an inherent right to its self-determination. It does not create international legal rights for the state that adopts the name, nor does it impose legal obligations on other states. Clearly, the name does not have any impact on the territorial rights of states. Greece has been accusing the Republic of Macedonia in the UN and making a mockery of it with false claims of Macedonian “irredentism” and “expansionism” everywhere.

Let me remind you, Sir, just for your information, that there are Constitutional provisions (amendments to the Macedonian Constitution, made on January 6, 1992) clearly guaranteeing that the Republic of Macedonia “has no territorial claims against any neighbouring states”.

Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration,

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Igor Janev

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