TO BE CLEAR – Strasko Olumcev

The President of the state can put an end to this. With one simple move, and within the law. One of his primary responsibilities is the ratification of international treaties.

In the Treaty with Bulgaria, they have copied the provision from the 1995 Interim Accord with Greece (Clause 6) with which we have surrendered any concern for the Macedonian community in Greece. Now, we are surrendering any concern for the Macedonians in Bulgaria.

Don’t you know who you’re dealing with? They have left our people at the mercy of the Bulgarian regime. OMO-Ilinden has given its blood for their rights. Macedonians live in Bulgaria without rights, they cannot even express their own identity.

Good Neighbour Agreement? All of those who have tried to justify this traitorous agreement are supporting the traitorous politics of the two largest Macedonian political parties.

Macedonia, wake up! They are planning your humiliation, and they are selling your identity. Wake up while there is still time! With their silence and their party obedience, many are only enabling this traitorous agreement, only enabling those whose agenda is Macedonia’s destruction.

They escorted Boiko Borisoff around the monuments of Macedonian history like some kind of peacock. The terrorist Talat Dzaferi, who has Macedonian blood on his hands, stomped up and down Krusevo and desecrated this sacred place. We called upon all to protest, without parties, without Soros, without the help of the foreign satraps. And as expected, many boycotted, as they blindly obey their party instructions. Next, when the time comes for them to abandon our name, will they boycott once again?

We, of the All-Macedonian National Council “Makedonium”, will continue to protect our identity with whatever we can. We will never abandon our brothers and sisters in Aegean or Pirin Macedonia, we will never abandon the Macedonians in Albania and Serbia, and anywhere else in the world. One nation, one cause.

The day will come when all Macedonians – in Aegean and Pirin Macedonia especially, and everywhere world-wide – will automatically be allowed to obtain Macedonian citizenship. Then, we will see how many millions we are, with the neighbouring countries in particular. Then, all those who are remain silent, and all of those are digging our graves, will see what a good neighbour agreement will look like.

Macedonia always was and always will be for the Macedonian people. Join us!

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